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PERSONA BY PARADIGM, THE INDUSTRIES BENCHMARK sound: 99.9-percent pure beryllium! 

I’d consider selling my children FOR THEM - SOUND & VISON MAGAZINE REVIEW!

Years of R&D pays off with this flagship loudspeaker series producing the purest sound quality ever made by Canada's own.

We have just installed 3 sets set of Paradigm Persona speakers, the 3F, 7F just in time for the Holidays. We feel this may be one of the best Canadian Speakers ever made, come and listen this week, consumers will never get a chance to audition these all in one store at one time. These are years in the making. 

October 2017
"The midrange frequencies of the 5F speakers are easily the best of any speaker I have had in my home thus far. I cannot imagine a loudspeaker with more midrange clarity; in this range the Persona 5F were superb. The bass felt natural and not boosted or otherwise disconnected from the rest of the sound. It was powerful when it needed to be and extended quite deeply for a tower speaker of its size. The dispersion is wide and uniform, so they will have very good coverage across a large listening area instead of a single ‘sweet spot.’ The Persona 5F speakers have enough dynamic range to handle a good sized room too. They can get loud and have no problems doing so, and their imaging and soundstage is also terrific."
– James Larson, Audioholics


Persona has stunned the industry with a combination of innovation, performance, and luxury—entirely Crafted in Canada. These amazing speakers have graced the cover of 3 industry-leading publications and received outstanding awards and accolades in 2017.

Today, we were pleased to see the publication of a new Persona B review from SoundStage! Hi-Fi. Below you will also find recent awards and reviews of Persona 7F, Persona 5F, and Persona 3F.


"During my time with Paradigm’s Persona 7Fs, they consistently projected a wonderfully open, detailed, effortless top end capable of communicating vast amounts of space, balance, drive -- and, inevitably, emotion. These all-important sonic attributes were matched only by the awe-inspiring depths to which the 7Fs could dig; never, without a subwoofer in play, had I heard in my room bass so deep or so articulate, or that so powerfully evoked my own emotional responses. And yet neither the 7F’s effortless top-end nor its prodigious bottom-end reproduction was its most appealing quality; that accolade must go to the 7F’s unfailingly neutral and natural-sounding midrange. In the Persona 7F, Paradigm has created an all-out assault on the high end. During my time with them, the Persona 7Fs have proven themselves a benchmark product at their price point, which makes granting them a Reviewers’ Choice award a foregone conclusion. A damned impressive speaker!"
– Aron Garrecht,

October 2017
[Translated from French] "...a hearing with the help of these Personas is a very pleasant experience and I would not have believed, at the outset, that they could have responded as well. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, a beautiful success of Paradigm."
– Benoit Varin, Mag@zine TED


[Translated from Russian] "Paradigm engineers succeeded in a real "tour de force": Persona 7F sounds so great that they can compete with speakers that are 2-3 times more expensive. Despite the considerable price, they can be safely given the title of Best Buy."
– Alexander Chechelyov,

December 2017
"If you’re in the market for a state-of-the-art bookshelf speaker, look no further. You’d probably have to spend a whole lot more money to better the formidable performance of Paradigm’s Persona B -- and even then, I’m not sure you could." 
– Roger Kanno,

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