We are all healthy here and wish to remain!

We have TEMPORARILY closed our showroom!

We have all entered a new era of uncertainty as we unify to face a common foe. We not only fear for our jobs, our businesses and our financial futures, but also for the health and well being of our families, friends, neighbours, and coworkers. In the face of a global pandemic, we are now  forced to work together in pursuit of one common goal. In the spirit of goodwill, I would like to extend best wishes to our staff, family, friends, competitors and countrymen for good health and a return to better times.  Be safe, stay strong, and do not allow fear to overcome common sense.   

Be advised as of March 20th, we will be closed until further notice as a TEMPORARY measure to help slow the spread.

We will continue doing business. Contact us at and we will get back to you during our TEMPORARY shutdown.

Be safe, practice social distancing and we will see you soon!


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