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If you are thinking about getting an 8K TV, you need to pay attention to upscaling. The method used for upscaling 1080p or 4K content impacts the quality of the images you see on your screen.

So, what are the best upscaling 8K TVs?

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs use AI upscaling. Compared to traditional upscaling methods, AI upscaling does a better job at filling in the blanks when adding extra pixels.

Here is a closer look at how 8K upscaling works, why it matters, and which TVs offer the best upscaling for lower resolution content.

8k upscalingWhat Is 8K Upscaling?

8K upscaling involves increasing the scale of images with a lower resolution. For example, when playing content from a DVD player, which has a resolution of 480i, the TV can increase the pixel count to fill the entire screen.

Without upscaling, the content would appear in its native resolution. A 4K video would only take up about half of the screen.

All HDTVs include upscaling. For example, a 4K TV can upscale SD and 1080p content to fill the screen. With an 8K TV, almost everything requires upscaling as there is very little native 8K content available at this time.

Upscaling typically relies on several methods of interpolation to increase the size of an image. This involves looking at the neighbouring pixels to guess the best colour for the blank pixels. The TV then uses bicubic interpolation to smooth the image and bilinear interpolation to sharpen it.

Samsung 8K Upscaling Relies on Artificial Intelligence

The old upscaling processes work well on 1080p and 4K TVs, but 8K TVs have a much higher resolution. To avoid creating a blurry image, Samsung added artificial intelligence (AI).

The newer Samsung 8K TVs use AI and machine learning (ML) to fill in the blank pixels. You will find this technology in the 8K Neo QLED TVs from Samsung, which are available in sizes from 65 inches to 85 inches.

The Neo QLED TVs use a Neo Quantum Processor running 16 separate neural networks in real-time. These neural networks analyze different sections of the image and categorize the content based on resolution and quality.

Machine learning technology is used to analyze the image. Samsung supplied the ML software with thousands of hours of movies and television shows. The technology knows what certain content should look like based on the appearance of similar content stored in its database.

The processor then uses ML technology to upscale the content. The upscaled image has a crisper definition and more vivid colours.

Do You Need 8K Upscaling for a TV?

If you buy an 8K TV, it will include 8K upscaling. However, some manufacturers still rely on older upscaling processes. Samsung is leading the way with its AI-based upscaling technology.

UHD Blu-ray players, 4K streaming services, PCs, and the latest video game consoles offer 4K resolutions and should look great on any 8K TV. However, Samsung’s technology is more likely to stand out when playing 480p, 720p, or 1080p content.

480p content includes DVDs and older game consoles. The Xbox 360, PS3, and some streaming services use 720p. Blu-ray players, the PS4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch have resolutions of 1080p. Content from these devices may look sharper on a Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV compared to 8K TVs from other manufacturers.

What Are the Best Upscaling 8K TVs?

Samsung Neo QLED TVs are currently the top choice for 8K upscaling. LG Electronics and other manufacturers use various interpolation methods to enhance images during upscaling.

The Neo QLED 8K TV series includes the following models:

  • QN900B
  • QN800B
  • QN900A
  • QN800A

All four models are available in three sizes – 65 inches, 75 inches, and 85 inches. QN900A and QN800A TVs were released in 2021. The QN900B and QN800B models are new for 2022.

The 2022 Neo QLED TVs include several updates that should deliver superior image clarity. Samsung added Shape Adaptive Light Technology, which analyses the image to enhance the brightness and accuracy of shapes.

The Neo Quantum Processor was also updated for greater control of the light source. The TV can now control lighting using 16,384 steps, which is four times the number of steps used in previous models.


8K upscaling is necessary for viewing lower resolution images across the entire screen of an 8K TV. While all 8K TVs include some form of upscaling Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs use advanced AI upscaling.

AI upscaling allows Samsung Neo QLED TVs to provide sharper upscaled images. If you watch DVDs, Blu-Rays, or stream 1080p content, you will likely notice a significant improvement in the clarity of the video.

The QN900B Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV is currently the top model for 2022. It boasts the most advanced processor for more lighting control and better sharpness.

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