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If you’re looking for the best outdoor TV, you can’t ask for more of an industry-leading brand when it comes to Samsung in the flatscreen TV market. So it’s not a huge surprise to learn that the company that brings you top quality Android phones and entertainment equipment has upped their game by creating perhaps the first flat-screen TV system designed to function outdoors. 

The Samsung Terrace is the latest addition to the company’s line of “Lifestyle” products. These are devices that are designed to fit within specialized lifestyle choices such as building an entertainment centre on a patio. That could be one reason why the company is selling so many Samsung Terrace TVs in Ottawa.

samsung terrace otawaThe 55 inch Terrace was released around the end of May and it’s already making waves. It is dust-resistant and water-resistant with an IP 55 rating. According to the company, it can withstand contact with harmful dust and low-pressure water from a nozzle. That means you could wash it down with a garden hose if you really needed to.

This is not Samsung’s first foray into water-resistant electronics. The company’s Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone is rated water-resistant up to IP 68. For some, this begs the question of why the Terrace doesn’t have a higher rating, but the Terrace is far less likely to be dropped into water directly.

Because the unit is made to be used outside, it also has to be able to contend with the glare of the sun. All of Samsung’s outdoor TVs deliver 200 nits, a brightness rating which we can assure you is very bright indeed. If you were to turn the brightness all the way up at night, you could illuminate an entire street.

The all-metal frame and optional wireless sound-bar round it out the package nicely.

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