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The Sonos Sub Mini is the latest addition to the Sonos ecosystem designed to deliver great low end in a small package. They’ve shrunk down the size of their iconic cube Subwoofer without compromising on quality, so you can now enjoy all the benefits of a wireless subwoofer even if space is tight. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Sonos Sub Mini.

sonos sub mini vs sonos sub
Comparison of the Sub Mini vs Sub

Smaller Size, Same Quality Sound
The most obvious difference between the new Sonos Sub Mini and its predecessor is its size and shape; at just 12 inches high and a 9.1 inch diameter, it’s quite a bit smaller than the original Subwoofer. Despite its smaller stature, the Sub Mini packs a serious punch when it comes to sound quality. Like the larger sub, it has a low frequency response as low as 25Hz, uses class D amplifiers for the best possible sound, and can utilize Sonos’ Trueplay software to perfectly tune the sub to your room.

Wireless and Simple to Setup
Like all Sonos products, the Sub Mini is designed for easy, wireless setup. Simply connect it to your WiFi network and place it anywhere in your room; there are no messy cables to deal with. One thing to note with the Sub Mini is it does not connect to every available Sonos speaker. It will not pair with the portable outdoor options, Roam or Move. Sonos also recommends not pairing it with the Arc soundbar, and instead recommends pairing with the smaller Ray or Beam soundbars. The reason for this is the Arc is designed for larger rooms, and can put out more power than the Sub Mini can keep up with, giving you a top heavy sound. If you have the Sonos Arc, the recommendation is to use the full size subwoofer.

sonos sub mini ottawa
Sub Mini shown with Sonos Ray Soundbar

The Perfect Companion for Smaller Rooms
While the Sub Mini is an excellent addition to any Sonos setup, it’s especially well-suited for smaller rooms where space is at a premium. Whether you’re looking to add some extra oomph to your office sound system or want to boost the bass in your bedroom TV setup, the Sub Mini is the perfect solution. And since it’s wireless, you can easily move it from room to room as needed without having to worry about tangled cables or complex setup procedures.

Pricing & Availability

At time of writing, the Sonos Sub Mini is available for pre-order in Ottawa, and will start to ship October 6th. Demand is sure to be high, so place your order now to get into the queue. Click on either black or white sub mini below to check current pricing.

sonos sub mini white in ottawasonos sub mini black ottawa

If you’re looking for killer sound quality in a small package, then you’ll love the new Sonos Sub Mini. Thanks to its dual force-cancelling drivers and wireless design, it’s easy to get great sounding bass even in smaller spaces. So if you’ve been waiting for a subwoofer that doesn’t sacrifice performance for portability, then your wait is finally over—the Sonos Sub Mini is now in Ottawa!

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