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Definitive Technology 1x Sub Amp 600 & 2x IW Sub – Home Reference Subwoofer Package

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This extraordinary In-Wall Subwoofer incorporates Definitive Technology’s exclusive and effective SuperCube™ technology for spectacular bass performance, the kind of musically accurate low end that’s never before been available in a compact, nearly invisible in-wall subwoofer. The IWSub Reference is specifically designed to be powered by the matching Definitive Technology SubAmp 600, which features two discrete high power amplifiers to provide optimal power when driving one or two IWSubs in your installation, whether it is for whole-house distributed audio or dedicated music or home theater applications.

IW Sub Reference:

A fully enclosed in-wall subwoofer provides a deep-bass powerhouse that disappears in your room, with a non-resonant sealed enclosure and paintable bezel and grille. The IW Sub Reference includes a special shallow-depth, long-excursion active 13″ driver pressure-coupled to its Ultra-Low Bass Radiator to produce deep, formidable bass.

The SubAmp 600:

This versatile outboard amplifier puts in-wall bass control at your fingertips, with two discrete high-powered amplifiers in one convenient housing. Beyond its high-powered amplifier and electronic crossover, the SubAmp 600 fits easily on a shelf or rack to power our signature Definitive In-Wall Subwoofers.

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