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Samsung is among the most popular television manufacturers in the world. They have many different offerings on the market, but one of the most well-known is the Samsung Frame. The Samsung Frame TV looks gorgeous, but does the 2022 model live up to expectations? Continue reading to learn everything that you need to know about this TV.

You’ll examine this TV from many different angles. There’s a lot to consider such as the price, the design, how well it performs, the audio, the interface, and the overall performance. Once you’ve read everything, you should be able to decide whether this TV is right for you. Whenever you spend money on upgrading to a new 4KTV, it’s important to buy with confidence.


The overall design of the Samsung Frame 2022 is pretty much the same as the 2021 model. This is a television that is designed to allow you to change out the outer black bezel. It allows you to choose between white, brick red, brown, and teak. Depending on your sense of style, one of these options might stand out to you as the most appealing.

auto rotating stand samsung frame tv
The auto-rotating stand is sure to dazzle your guests when switched to TV mode!

This television is designed to be either wall-mounted or to stand on one of its two included legs. It looks fantastic in either configuration. Samsung has also introduced and auto-rotating stand and wall-mount (sold separately) that allows you to switch between landscape and portrait orientations!

You’ll find that the big difference this year is the matte screen that features an anti-reflective coating. The prior year’s model had a glossy screen which like most TV’s, would have reflections in a bright environment. The matte screen is quite an improvement and you can enjoy watching TV easier even in a sunny room. Watching TV is a clearer and more colorful experience when compared to last year’s model.

Samsung Frame TV Review


Overall, the performance of the 2022 Samsung Frame isn’t drastically different from the 2021 model. It offers good brightness and great colors. This television should be great for watching TV or movies as well as playing video games. Video games look stunning on the display and the TV should pair nicely with newer video game consoles such as the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

When playing video games on the TV, latency issues weren’t noticeable. The colors looked just as good as they do on other 4K Samsung TVs. This TV does a great job of keeping things clear when exposed to direct sunlight. Glare isn’t an issue due to the matte finish and anti-reflective coating.

It’s also worth noting that this TV has a greatly improved multi-view feature. It allows you to watch two different things at the same time. This works really well and it’s a feature that is carried over from the 2021 Frame TV. You’ll likely get a lot of use out of it if you’re a sports fan.

Review: Samsung TV Frame
Mirror your phone to the Frame to perfect your yoga form! Also a great feature for getting your Fantasy sports stats on the screen.



It’s highly recommended to get a soundbar, speaker system, or a full home theatre installation to ensure your audio sounds as great as the picture looks on the Frame TV. One feature unique to Samsung is Q-symphony. When paired with a compatible Samsung soundbar, the TV speakers will work with the Soundbar speakers to provide a truly room filling sound that includes a height element. This is better than most other TV/Soundbar combinations that simply disable the TV speakers when a soundbar is connected.

The Interface

The interface of the TV matters and this one used Samsung’s latest Tizen smart platform. Navigating through the menus using this TV does feel a bit more modern than last year’s model. It’s easy enough to navigate the settings, go to different services, and turn the TV on and off. However, you have to return to the home menu whenever you wish to select something new.

Aside from that minor annoyance, the interface is acceptable. It isn’t the fastest UI on the market by any means. It will take a few seconds to load different things, but the speed could be improved in future updates.

The remote control is nice and it’s solar-powered. Sometimes it’s difficult to line up the IR perfectly, but it’s nice not having to use batteries. Many people will see the remote control as a positive improvement.

Samsung Frame TV 2022 vs 2021

Is it worthwhile to upgrade from the Samsung Frame 2021 to this year’s model? It’ll depend on your expectations. In some ways, the 2022 Frame is much better than last year’s TV. The matte display with the anti-reflective coating truly makes a huge difference.

You’ll have a simpler time dealing with direct sunlight now. Also, the interface is better than last year’s model, as is the multi view feature. Many of the other features are the same and the audio didn’t get much of an improvement at all. Regardless, this is a better TV that’s well worth the price, and will become the main conversation piece of your home.

If you need a new 4K TV for your home, this could be a good fit. Samsung made some good changes to this TV that make it worth owning over the 2021 Frame. If things keep trending in this direction, next year’s Frame TV could be a big leap.

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