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Are you looking for an excellent TV for your home entertainment system in Ottawa? Look no further than the Sony X90K. This TV is great for most uses, especially for watching SDR or HDR movies. The Sony X90K displays deep blacks, makes colours vivid, and has an excellent local dimming feature. It is the perfect choice for sports and tv shows in a bright light ambiance. Our Sony X90K review aims to help you make an educated purchase.

sony x90kDesign and features

The Sony Bravia XR-55X90K TV has about 1cm wide thin bezels. The TV has glossy surfaces and matte black design language. It has a modular back panel, and when placed on a flat surface, it is supported by a two-legged stand. The height of the legs can be adjusted depending on the space required by the soundbar of your choice.

It comes with a clustered remote, smaller than most other TV remotes. The small size and busy layout with many buttons make it easier to get used to. The built-in Google TV interface makes browsing live TV, TV shows, and movies from various online streaming platforms easy. Google Assistant manages TV functions like a breeze. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2.

x90k side viewWhen it comes to connectivity, the Sony X90K leaves no stone unturned. You can easily connect it with:

  • Four HDMI ports (two 2.1, two 2.0b)
  • One Composite video input
  • One RF input for the antenna
  • One optical audio output (digital)
  • One Ethernet port
  • Two USB inputs
  • One S-Center Speaker In

It has smooth wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options.



Sony has glamorized its new XR Cognitive Processor onboard the Sony X90K, but what does it really do? As the company puts it, the processor “understands” how people see and hear. Meaning it monitors and optimizes the brightness, contrast, and colours of the content you watch. The new contrast enhancement feature delivers brilliant HD to 4K upscaling.

We tested peak brightness in SDR at 500 nits and HDR at 800 nits. What really grabbed our attention were the black areas that came out awesomely black! Such an effect delivers superb HDR visuals, along with Dolby Vision capabilities. The Sony X90K, a VA, has narrow viewing angles compared to IPS. Hence it may not be ideal for an audience seated at wide off-axis angles.

x90kWhen it comes to motion handling, the X90K seems to duplicate its predecessor, X90J, with its 100/120Hz panel. It also matches the backlight dimming frequency at 720Hz. The TV literally prevents motion blur. We noticed that the sporting content had no motion artifacts. Apart from the standard motion interpolation system, the X90K offers Black Frame Insertion (BFI) as an added option. This feature adds black frames in-between individual frames to smooth out the motion output. The results have been amazing! We noticed that playing videos with lower frame rates pan slowly can come out a bit jerky. The same was not observed when we tried game scenes running at 60 frames per second.

Sony’s support for Dolby Vision is well-pronounced in this model. HDR10 compatibility helps bring scenes vividly to life. The TV panel is reflective. You might want to install it opposite or at an angle to a bright light source.

The robust XR processor comes into full swing in the colours department. Like any other high-end TV, it produces stunning colours thanks to its wide colour gamut. The picture quality is flawless and matches to that of QLED TVs. It gave us 850+ nits on a 10% white window in HDR mode, which is again at par with QLED screens.

For gaming, the Sony X90K is a great choice. Get your high frame rate gaming dose with HDMI 2.1 that supports variable refresh rates. We enjoyed low input lag and quick response times for an outstanding gaming experience. The support for high fidelity standards like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency (ALLM)take your gaming to the next level. We loved to see the TV automatically switch to gaming mode as soon as we plugged in our PS5. We did notice a few image-enhancing features turn off as the TV focused on providing low output latency rates. The X90K seemed to ignore the Xbox when we plugged it in. There was no change in video mode, and we had to make the changes manually.


The audio quality on the Sony X90K is not like your average slim-panel TV. It’s a Sony, and we expected more, we received more! The sound has intelligence in it. The TV detects your position in the room and optimizes sound accordingly. The Acoustic Auto Calibration feature detects objects in the room and reproduces audio to match the required room acoustics.

The TV comes with the Acoustic Multi-Audio feature that boasts additional tweeters that generate sounds per its origin position on the screen. The Bravia XR sound actively converts stereo signals into a virtual 3D surround sound without requiring in-ceiling speakers.

The intelligent Voice Zoom 2 will ensure you hear dialogues crisply without changing the TV volume every time the scene changes. You can pair your Sony TV with a premium soundbar to continue to get better acoustics out of the central speaker on the TV while the soundbar delivers audio. The bass on the TV is on the lower sound, but the voice clarity exceeds every other TV out there.


Overall, the Sony X90K is great for most uses. Whether you’re looking to watch movies, TV shows, or play games, the Sony X90K has you covered. It offers excellent picture quality, a good local dimming feature, and a responsive gaming experience. The Sony X90K in Ottawa is a great choice if you want a proper TV upgrade.

The Sony X90K TV is your first choice for home entertainment. Its deep blacks and vivid colours make it a pleasure to watch movies in SDR or HDR. The local dimming feature helps cut down on the blooming around bright objects. The X90K is great for high frame rate, low input lag, and variable refresh rate gaming.

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